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Established in 2001 in Frankfurt, Germany, Diamond Designs & More dedicates itself to creating beautiful and high quality, handmade and custom-tailored diamond jewelry.

Map of the globe with our representations.

Our boutique is represented in Frankfurt, Tokyo, Daytona Beach (Florida) and Bangalore (India).

As sales of diamond jewelry entails a great degree of trust between the seller and the buyer, Diamond Designs & More accepts orders primarily from existing clientèle and any new clients recommended by our existing clientèle.

We do, however, also welcome inquiries by individuals who are not directly associated to our existing client base, and we will endeavour to respond to, guide and help satisfy the requirements of such individuals, as well.

While represented in the internet, Diamond Designs & More is not to be considered an internet business. We exclusively work on person to person basis, whereby we extensively consult our clients to ensure that all their requirements are appropriately met. Our internet homepage is to be considered as a source of additional information to assist the buyer in making a decision about the potential jewelry design. Jewelry displayed in this website is not held in inventory.

We thank you for your trust and interest in our business and hope that you will recommend us to your friends as well!


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