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Welcome to our Consultation Chambers

  • Buying diamond jewelry for yourself or your loved ones always represents a special event!
  • Our goal is to add a special touch to this special event: Any jewelry ordered from us will be custom-tailored according to your specifications, taste and budget!
  • We endeavor to fulfill your dreams of owning or presenting as a gift unique high-quality handcrafted diamond jewelry!


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Step 1: How to select a jewelry item?


  1. Send us a picture also desired jewelry item by e-mail or by postal mail
  2. Send us a design of a jewelry item by e-mail or by postal mail
  3. Share your thoughts and ideas with us by e-mail and we will help you select an appropriate picture of a jewelry item that you have in mind
  4. Go to our Catalog of Jewelry Designs, specially selected, to help you identify a piece of your liking
  5. Go to our Showroom of Custom Designed Jewelry which displays jewelry items previously created for customers like you

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Step 2: Custom-tailoring a jewelry item:

You have the option to request that we:

a) exactly copy a jewelry item, as shown on the color picture sent by you to us
b) change the specifications of a jewelry item by, for example,

  • setting a budget limit
  • specifying a size for the item
  • changing the type of precious stone used in the jewelry item
  • changing the type of precious metal used in the jewelry item
  • changing any other specifications to your liking

in both cases, we will provide you with:

  • non-binding offers
  • preliminary rough price estimates
  • estimated delivery times
  • pictures from our design catalogs to stimulate and enhance your ideas and your thoughts about a desired jewelry item
  • advice about alternative specifications or details to help you stay within your budget

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Step 3: Reality Check!

As a word of caution, while we aim to fulfill your dreams and wishes using quality materials, quality workmanship and our affordable pricing, we wish to point out that:

A Dream is not equal to Reality

You may have an image of a jewelry item in your mind, but as we cannot read your mind, the jewelry item that we create for you may not be exactly as you envisioned. As a result, you may be disappointed about the order.

Our Solution: Prior to placing an order, the Seller and the Buyer should agree to a color picture identical or similar to the desired jewelry item. This color picture will give our goldsmiths a more realistic idea of what you have in mind. Of course, the jewelry item on such color picture can be amended according to your specifications.

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Ordering & Delivery

Please follow the following steps to execute the placement of an order and to enable us to deliver your custom tailored jewelry item in a timely manner:

  1. Provide or agree with us on a color picture of the desired jewelry item and specify any changes that you require

  2. Upon completion of the consultation process, we will send you our final offer by e-mail, summarizing our price estimate and all details specified by you.
     Please, briefly, confirm your acceptance by e-mail.

  3. We will draft a formal and legally binding sales contract in duplicate to be signed by you.
     Please retain the Duplicate and returned to us the Original Sales Contract.

  4. We will consider the Order as "Confirmed Order" upon receipt of:
     the signed Original Sales Contract including written acceptance of our Terms & Conditions
     a 50% down payment (non-refundable) on the sales price

  5. Prior to delivery, you will be sent by e-mail a close-up view of the jewelry item that we produced for you.
     Please acknowledge your acceptance or suggest any minor changes.

  6. Shortly thereafter we will send you a notification requesting final payment.
     Please submit to us the remaining 50% payment owed to us.
     upon receipt of to have this payment, we will immediately ship the jewelry item to your desired address.













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