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Diamond jewelry gifts are highly appreciated on many occasions: Anniversaries, Birthdays, Valentine, Birth of a Child, Religious Events, Christmas, Engagement & Marriage and many other special occasions

Have us create a unique diamond jewelry gift for these special occasions.

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 List of Modern Gem Birthstones
 Gem Stones List for the Wedding Anniversary

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Modern Gem Birthstones

Mother and ChildThis list of modern birth stones was adopted by the Association "Jewellers of America" in 1912 and is the officially accepted birth stone list for jewelry retailers in America.

Month of Birth Gem Stone  
January Garnet  
February Amethyst  
March Aquamarine  
April Diamond  
May Emerald  
June Pearl, Moonstone  
July Ruby  
August Peridot  
September Sapphire  
October Opal, Tourmaline  
November Yellow Topaz, Citrine  
December Blue Topaz, Turquoise  

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Gem Stone Gifts for the Wedding Anniversary

Eternal Love

Anniversary Gem
1. Anniversary Gold
2. Anniversary Garnet
3. Anniversary Pearls
4. Anniversary Blue Topaz
5. Anniversary Sapphire
10. Anniversary Diamond
15. Anniversary Ruby
20. Anniversary Emerald
25. Anniversary Silver Jubilee (e.g. diamonds)
30. Anniversary Pearl Jubilee (e.g. pearls)
35. Anniversary Emerald or Coral
40. Anniversary Ruby
45. Anniversary Sapphire
50. Anniversary Golden Jubilee (e.g. diamonds)
52. Anniversary Star Ruby
55. Anniversary Emerald
60. Anniversary Diamond Jubilee (a large diamond solitaire)
65. Anniversary Star Sapphire
70. Anniversary Diamond



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