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Ordering Process


Please follow the following steps to execute the placement of an order and to enable us to deliver your custom tailored jewelry item in a timely manner:
  1. Visit our Consultation for Custom-Designed Jewelry site and we will help you through the process of choosing the specifications for your custom designed jewelry.

  2. Upon completion of the consultation process, we will send you our final offer by e-mail, summarizing our price estimate and all details specified by you.
    • Please, briefly, confirm your acceptance by e-mail.

  3. We will, then, draft a formal and legally binding sales contract in duplicate to be signed by you. Please:
    • retain the duplicate,
    • return to us the original signed Sales Contract by postal mailIcon: postal mail
    • make a 50% down payment (non-refundable) on the sales price to the account specified in the Sales Contract

  4. We will notify you once the custom-designed order is ready for delivery.
    • submit to us the remaining 50% payment owed to us.

  5. Upon receipt of the final payment, we will immediately ship the jewelry item to your desired address.

Thank you for you business and your trust!


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