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Reference-Number: 11000
Diamond Pendant:  total 1.91 ct (13x 0.05 ct,  42 x 0.03 ct),  G, VVS brilliant diamonds set in 18 k palladium white gold.
Ref.-Nr.: 11000Enlarge Picture
Reference-Number: 11001
Diamond Snowflake Pendant:  0.15 ct,  G, VVS brilliant diamond set in 18 k palladium white gold.
Ref.-Nr.: 11001Enlarge Picture

Reference-Number: 11002
Baby Pendant:  0.03 ct brilliant diamond surrounded by rubies and pearls.
Ref.-Nr.: 11002Enlarge Picture
Reference-Number: 11004
Pearl Pendant:  exquisite pearl pendant set in 18 yellow gold.
Ref.-Nr.: 11004Enlarge Picture

Reference-Number: 11005
Classic Mango Pendant: rubies set on 18 k yellow gold pendant based on the traditional Indian mango design.
Ref.-Nr.: 11005Enlarge Picture

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