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Workmanship – the true measure of value of handcrafted jewelry


Tools The value of diamond and other precious jewelry does not solely lie in the value of materials used or the brand name.

The true measure of value of precious jewelry is portrayed by quality workmanship. Anyone wearing jewelry of good workmanship will receive comments from admirers about how beautiful, unique and delicate the design is. Price, brand name, and type of material used, usually, only play a secondary role in such conversations.

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Measure of Quality of Workmanship

Close resemblance to the original design
Quality workmanship will ensure that the handcrafted piece will closely resemble the original design or picture provided by the customer, including any requested amendments. What disappointment will a customer experience if the resulting product is quite different, either in design or in delicateness of work, from the envisioned piece! While the goldsmith cannot read a buyer’s mind, a good and detailed design or picture should provide for sufficient input to give him an idea of the customer’s desire.

Delicate design
Quality workmanship will ensure that the finest possible design is produced, if so specified by the customer. This is particularly important if the design includes many delicate details. It should be understood, however, that handmade jewelry requires use of relatively soft metals. Super fine filigri type jewelry require hardened metal alloys (or else lack sufficient stability) which are less suitable for jewelry produced by hand craft.

Fine but stable/strong setting
Quality workmanship will ensure that the setting for the gems is stable and strong but nonetheless fine and hardly visible. Unless otherwise specified by the customer, the gem usually is the centre of attraction, while the precious metal setting only serves to anchor the gem. A very fine setting usually gives the appearance of a diamond floating on or within the jewelry piece.

Unique pieces
Quality workmanship will ensure that the jewelry pieces created are unique. Such uniqueness results both from a) the creativity of the goldsmith in producing a design, and b) the fact that slight imperfections and irregularities are part of the design of any handcrafted jewelry creations (a distinguishing feature compared to machine-made craft)


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